Slapstick - LD Compo Version

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Upper Game:  
W/S/A/D............................ Move
Lower Game:  
Arrows............................. Match Notes

Created in 48 hours for Mini-LD 14!

Good luck with this one. You'll need it!

This was a joint production with Doches. It is our take on Greek theater. It consists of two games developed in isolation and slammed together at the last moment! You will of course be playing both games at the same time.

This is our take on Greek Theater. The hero is on top (by me); the chorus is on the bottom (by Doches). Both games have a progression, and you win the whole conglomeration if you win either game. You cannot lose, but you will find yourself in trouble if you neglect either of the games.

"It’ll be like painting a beautiful work of art, then taping a light socket to one end and screwing it into somebody else’s painting. It’ll be like overlaying a corporate management structure onto an artistic endeavor. It’ll be like making the most of a bento box."

Doches + Hamburger == Dochburger