Autonomy - v0.3

Game Design and Programming by David R. Lorentz
Art and Visual Design by Ji-Ming Lin

The tutorial isn't implemented yet. Here are the instructions:


- Drag If cards (triangular) and Then cards (rectangular) to slots in the center area to program the robot.

- Paired If and Then cards define if-then statements for the robot.

- Click "start" when you are done programming the robot, and he will move according to his program.


- At each tile, the robot evaluates the If cards.

- If an If card is true, the robot executes the corresponding Then card.

- If more than one If card is true, only the top-most true If card is used.

- If none of the If cards is true, the robot moves forward by default.


- Your task is to get the robot to the tile marked "End."

- If your program proves insufficient, click "Reset" to start over.